Do you have a loved one that requested that they are cremated after they pass away? If so, you may be wondering what to do with the ashes. Cremation gives you the possibility to do many things to celebrate your loved one's life, with the following being a few ways you can do it.

Create Jewelry

Were you aware that you can actually use ashes to create jewelry? This is all due to the carbon found in the body that is retained in the ashes. It gives you the opportunity to not only create a piece of jewelry you can wear to remember your loved one but create something that you can pass on for many generations.

Scattering Over Water

You may have a desire to spread your loved one's ashes over water, especially if they loved being on the water while they were alive. While many lakes and rivers do not have restrictions when it comes to spreading ashes, it is best to do your research. Make sure that you are not doing it on someone's private property, and do it in a place where the ashes are not going to wash up on the shore.

Grow A Tree

One technique that is becoming more popular is to use ashes to grow a tree. There is a special urn you can place under the soil that is biodegradable, and it uses a mixture of soil and seeds to form a tree above it. This can be a great way to commemorate someone's life that will live on for many years.

Bury The Urn

You can still have a traditional burial when someone is cremated since burials are not restricted to having a full casket with a body inside. Many people use a small burial plot where the urn is placed to rest forever, which requires a headstone to identify where it is located. You may also prefer to use a mausoleum, which often has a section for urns with small spaces that only hold the urn. This can be a good idea if there are many family members that could have the urn, but want to create a place where everyone can come visit.

These are just a few ways that you can handle a loved one's ashes after they are cremated. If you are looking for more ideas, feel free to ask the specialist that is handling the cremation services. They can let you know of unique ideas others have done in the past.