The COVID-19 pandemic meant that many families who lost loved ones weren't able to have proper funeral services due to the concern over large groups of people getting together. As the economy reopens, you may find yourself wishing to attend a funeral in your community — but also having some reservations about doing so. It's important to know that funeral homes are viewing this situation seriously and are often outlining the steps that they're taking to keep funeral home attendees safe on their websites. This list may include limiting the number of people who can enter the building, frequently disinfecting surfaces, and more. Here are some tips that you can employ when you're attending a funeral service in the age of COVID-19.

Limit Your Contact With People

Hugging, holding hands, and other forms of contact are all common at funerals, but these are behaviors that you should avoid because of COVID-19. When you attend a funeral service, be vigilant about avoiding any contact with people. Due to their grief, some people may instinctively try to hug you. Don't be afraid to stepping backward and explaining that you're not comfortable with this behavior. As you greet bereaved family members, it's OK to offer sentiments such as, "I wish I could hug you," or "Please know that I'm giving you a big hug in my heart" to let them know that you care.

Carry Your Own Pen

At a funeral service, it's customary to sign a guestbook to make the family aware of your presence. Instead of using the provided pen to do so, make sure that you carry your own writing utensil. If someone asks if he or she can use your pen when you're done, you have a couple of options. If the pen is a valuable one, politely decline. If there's nothing special about the pen, you can give it to the person and not ask for it back.

Be Mindful About Touching Your Face

It's common to touch your face multiple times during a funeral service. For example, if you're teary, you might wipe the tears away with your hand. Even if you're not touching other people, you should be vigilant about keeping your hands away from your face. Have your own bottle of hand sanitizer ready so that if you need to wipe your face, you can quickly sanitize your hands before doing so. Be keeping these tips in mind, you'll be able to safely attend the service and show your support to the grieving family.