When you think of funeral home services, you generally think of coffins, funeral services, wakes, and cremation or burial services. What you may not know is that funeral homes offer several other services, too. People rarely talk about these services because most people do not realize that they exist or are offered by the funeral homes. The following services should be promoted more often, as many families and the deceased could benefit from them.

Grief Counseling

Grief is as powerful as love, if you are going to make comparisons of emotions. That said, people who are going through the grief process are completely overwhelmed and struggling. They become depressed, and unable to cope. They may have family who try to be supportive, but may not understand exactly how to support those who are grieving. For these reasons, funeral homes often offer grief counseling on a short-term basis which can help until the grieving person(s) can find an excellent and supportive therapist.

Prepayments of Funeral Arrangements

Most people expect to die and have their funeral expenses paid for at the time of their deaths. Unfortunately, most funerals now cost a minimum of six thousand dollars, and that is just the starting point. That is a lot of debt for your family. Funeral homes offer prepayments of funeral costs and coffins/caskets/urns, as well as burials, entombment services, and cremation services. By making payments for your final expenses ahead of time, your loved ones know exactly what your final wishes are, and are left with no final debt to pay.

Cosmetic Procedures

It seems very strange and silly to have cosmetic work done on a dead body, but it is actually a very popular thing. Some people want to look really good in their funeral clothes and casket, so they have a little surgery done. Fat is removed to make funeral clothes fit better. Eyebrows and lip hair are waxed. Some people even have a mini facelift to look younger in death.

Oddly enough, these procedures cost far less on the dead than they do on the living because no anesthesia, pain relievers, or antibiotics are needed. No post-surgical treatments are needed either. The body is already emptied of fluids, so would care is minimal, if at all. Usually these cosmetic touches are completed after the bodily fluids have been drained, but before the preservatives are added. If that sounds like something you would like done, talk to a funeral director, such as at Washington Memorial Funeral Home, about it.