If you want to place a stone headstone or marker on a loved one's grave, then you might be considering using either granite or sandstone. While sandstone has some benefits over other materials, granite is a better option for stone headstones. Why? 

Granite Is Stronger Than Sandstone

Sandstone is soft and porous. It can suffer from weather and physical damage. For example, exposure to wind over the years can make a sandstone surface erode and crumble.

On the other hand, granite is stronger. It will cope better with exposure to weather conditions over the years. It won't weather, erode, or crumble. A granite headstone will hold its shape for much longer than a sandstone one.

Granite Has Better Definition and Color Retention

The weather, environmental conditions, and aging can all affect headstone materials. Sandstone doesn't always stand the test of time here. For example, the inscriptions and lettering on sandstone headstones and markers can deteriorate with age. In extreme cases, you won't be able to read words, numbers, or carvings on the stone. Images will become blurred and hard to see. Sandstone usually also loses some color as it ages in outdoor environments. The sun can fade this stone's original color and make it look dull.

However, granite headstones and markers will keep their definition. You'll be able to see and read any inscriptions and images on the stone for decades. They won't deteriorate or wear. Plus, granite has better color retention. This stone won't lose its original color. It might deepen with age, but it won't look washed out.

Granite Is More Cost Effective Over Time

Sandstone headstones and markers are usually cheaper than granite products. However, your low costs here might not look as good in the future as they do now. You might need to do more maintenance and repair work on softer sandstone headstones and markers. They need regular cleaning and sealing. If they deteriorate too much, then you might need to replace them after a few years.

Installing a new headstone or marker can be an upsetting experience even years after the death of a loved one. Plus, you'll lose any cost savings you make now if you have to keep buying new stones.

Granite is a more cost-effective choice. This robust stone doesn't need much maintenance work and shouldn't need many repairs. It will last much longer and is unlikely to need replacement.

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