Have you been giving some thought to what might happen after you're gone? Are you worried about your family and friends being able to take care of your last wishes? Although thinking about such things isn't exactly pleasant, it's extremely important to make up a will that explains exactly what you want to have happen once after you've passed on. Some things that you need to make sure to include in your last will and testament are:

Burial type: Some people feel very strongly one way or another about burials or cremation while others don't think it matters much either way. If you care or have already prepaid for any funeral services, make sure to include this information in your will. If you're someone for whom both burial and cremation are viable options, this is also something that you should clearly state. Without this information, those who are responsible for your burial arrangements may start to argue over what you would have really wanted, wasting money and energy on this argument instead of on things that are more important.

Final resting place: Whether you're opting for a traditional burial or cremation, you should let family and friends know what you want your final resting place to be. For some people, this final resting place is extremely important, perhaps near a favorite location. For others, the place isn't very important at all. One thing that you should definitely include in your instructions is what to do if you should happen to pass on while away from home. Transporting a body more than a few miles can be extremely expensive. If this is something that you haven't made financial arrangements for, you may want to let your family know that you don't mind not being transported home for burial.

Funeral flowers: Flowers appear at many funeral services, whether for a traditional burial or a cremation. However, as you're probably aware, flowers can be extremely expensive. They also tend to be thrown away immediately following the funeral. For a more lasting contribution, you may want to consider asking family and friends to donate money to your favorite charity in your name instead of purchasing expensive flower arrangements that will only be used for a few hours. For those who simply must send flowers, look into whether there is a flower donation charity in your area. These charities will deconstruct flower arrangements they receive and use them to brighten the days of people in nursing homes and hospitals who otherwise wouldn't receive any flowers at all.

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