Funerals can be expensive, and ornate caskets and elaborate services aren't always in the family budget. That doesn't mean that you can't select a beautiful way to honor the life of your loved one. If you need to plan a funeral but only have a modest budget, here are a few things you can do to save money without sacrificing too much for your loved one's memorial.

Comparison Shop For Caskets

While your funeral home director may have a selection of caskets to choose from, you may want to consider doing some comparison shopping before making a decision. In some cases, you can find discounted versions of caskets that are similar to what your funeral director has to offer. Let him or her know that you are looking to save money on the casket before you make a purchase, as you may be able to negotiate the price of a casket that comes directly from the funeral home. A typical casket can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000, so looking for a bargain can save you a significant amount of money.

Skip The Flowers

Funeral arrangements are nice to look at, but they aren't necessary. A complete funeral flower package can cost between $200 and $800, though the cost may be more ore less depending on which options you choose. Remember that friends and family will also likely send flowers, so you don't need to add this expense to the cost of your loved one's funeral.

Choose Cremation

Cremation can save money on funeral costs in a number of ways. If you choose to have the cremation at a place like Danks-Hinski Funeral Home before the funeral, you can skip the cost of embalming and purchasing a casket. Direct cremation is an economic option for families not planning an immediate funeral or who would prefer to have the cremation process completed right away. With direct cremation, your dearly departed is transported straight to the cremation facility, and the cremains are returned to you when the process is complete.

Work With Your Funeral Home Director

Your funeral home director is there to meet your needs, which includes helping you to stay within a set budget. If you let the director know that you have budget concerns, he or she can help you to find the options that make the most sense for your family. In some cases, funeral home directors can also help you to find financing to cover the cost of a funeral as well.

Talk to your family about the budget you can expect to work with for the funeral, and then partner with your funeral home director to plan a fitting funeral without the added cost.