While difficult to think about, planning your own funeral is a great way to not only save your grieving family from a whole lot of stress, but you can also plan financially to save money, while also getting what you want out of the funeral service. One of the things you should think about is the grave marker you want, since there are many options. Here are the three main types:

Headstone: The first type is the headstone, which is the most common. These sit upright on the ground and can easily help identify the site. A headstone will usually say the person's name, birthday, and possibly a small saying. You can even have certain designs carved into them, to show off a certain aspect of one's life. Many times, spouses will create one headstone for the both of them. This is not only an affordable option, but it is also one that is an intimate and special creation for spouses. 

Monument: Another option is a monument, which is much larger than a headstone. These can be carved into many different shapes and sizes, which makes it a bit more unique and, thus, standout a bit more. Just keep in mind that your gravesite might have restrictions on how large and wide the monument can be, so check this before gettting started on the creation of the monument. The bottom usually just has a name, or there may be a quote somewhere on it. The text, though, is usually more basic and not drawn out, to ensure it doesn't take away from the monument's design. 

Marker: Finally, there is the marker option, which sits flat on the ground. While this option is really small, it's the most affordable, and there is still plenty of space on the flat surface to write your information on it. If you want it to be easier to find, you can have it sitting at a small angle, though. You can also have designs carved on it, as well, and they often include an attachment vase for flowers. 

Choosing from these three types of grave markers makes it a bit easier to narrow down what you'd like. Then, you can focus on the small details, such as design and writing. Be sure to write it all out, so your family knows what should be picked. This way, you know your needs will be met, and this can give you better peace of mind.

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