When planning a funeral for a loved one who served in a branch of the military, you may want to consider honoring his or her service as part of the funeral. There are many different options to choose from when planning a military-inspired funeral. Here are just a few options you may want to consider.

Patriotic Casket Wraps

Casket wraps offer a unique way to customize your loved one's casket. You can choose from a variety of patriotic designs, including those that feature the American flag, Bald Eagle, or even insignias from each branch of the military. Work with your funeral home director to find a company that can create a custom wrap, or select from available designs that reflect your loved one's service.

Uniform Shadow Box

Some families choose to place large military portraits next to the casket as a way to complete the funeral home viewing room, but you can take this idea a step further by having a shadow box created with your loved one's military dress uniform, portrait, and an American flag. Work with a local framing shop to put this display together, and after the funeral is over, hang it on a wall in your home as a tribute to the dearly departed.

Military Programs

If you are planning to create programs for the funeral, consider using your loved one's military portrait on the cover. You can also include a page that talks about your loved one's experiences in the military, such as what motivated him or her to enlist or where the first deployment was. Be sure to list the branch of the military your loved one served in and the rank he or she achieved while enlisted as a way to pay respect to the service provided for the nation.

Medal Display

A medal display can be a touching way to pay tribute to military service. Collect any medals received while in service, as well as the certificate issued for an honorary discharge, and have them framed in a display case. As with the uniform shadow box, this display can be hung in a place of honor in your home after the funeral is over.

Your loved one may be entitled to certain benefits, such as a military funeral or a special headstone. Your funeral home director can help you determine which benefits your loved one is eligible for, so be sure to ask for assistance if you are uncertain about how to claim them. For more information, contact companies like Thomas Funeral Chapels Inc.