If you have a loved one who passed away, and your loved one wanted to be cremated, you have the right to be present for the cremation. The cremation service for your loved one can be a dignified service and experience for you and your loved ones.

Inform The Funeral Home

The first thing you need to do is inform the funeral home that you and other family members want to witness the cremation. Some funeral homes are experienced with cremation services and others are not as experienced with them. Communicate and work with the funeral home to plan a cremation service that meets both of your expectations.

Paying Respects

Second, you need to determine how you and your family members want to pay respects to your loved one before they are cremated. A cremation service is generally more personal and small compared to a funeral service or celebration of life, which will include extended family, friends, co-workers and other individuals in your loved one's life.

Due to the more intimate nature of a cremation service, it doesn't have to be as formal or planned out. Each family member present could share a memory of the loved one who passed before they are cremated. A favorite bible passage or poem could be read. Finally, a pray could be said for your loved one.

After Paying Respects

From there, your family can spend time together while your loved one is cremated or come back later to collect the your loved one's ashes. The cremation process takes a couple of hours; how long it takes depends on the overall weight of your loved one and the type of casket or container that your loved one's body is in. It is not common to wait the entire time for your loved one's body to be cremated. Once your loved one's body is cremated, the ashes are collected and the bone fragments are pulverized so that the ashes and bones all fit into the urn.

The Urn

Finally, make sure to select an urn. If you do not select an urn, your loved one's remains will most likely be presented to you and your family in a cardboard box. If you select an urn, your loved one's remains will be placed in the urn before they are presented to you. Choose an urn in colors and styles that represents your loved one. If you are planning on scattering their ashes, you may want to invest less in the urn than if you plan to keep the ashes or store them.

If your loved one wanted to be cremated, you and your family can be involved in the cremation process by holding a private ceremony before your loved one is cremated and by choosing an urn that reflects your loved one for their remains. For more information, contact local funeral homes like Maham Funeral Home