Funeral directors take over the pain of other people and turn it into their vision for their loved one's last rites, on a daily basis. They play an important role in the burial services planning process in so many ways, a few of which are mentioned below.

Oversees the preparation of the body

This includes embalming if the body is going for viewing or cremation for those who prefer to keep their loved one's ashes.

Provides the necessary viewing facilities

A funeral director is responsible for facilitating the viewing of the body whether at the funeral home or in your home. They provide the casket and arranges the viewing area according to the wishes of the loved ones of the deceased. This includes placing the right flowers, pictures, memorabilia, trinkets, and candles among other items.

Arranges the documentation needed for the body and funeral

It is the role of the director to arrange for the death certificate and place the obituary in the paper but you have to provide vital statistical information to facilitate this. You also have to decide how many death certificates you need for certain processes after the funeral. For example, to access life insurance policies, bank accounts, and transfer of property and funds, you need to have a death certificate for each process.

Arranges the Last Service

The director ensures the burial wishes of the deceased and his/her loved ones are all met. It is their responsibility to order floral arrangements, music, and arrange for special tributes. Catering and the funeral vehicles also fall in their docket.

Depending on the contract you have with the funeral home, the director also accepts donations on behalf of your favored charity instead of flowers.

Enforces the Burial Rites

The last rites can vary from scattering ashes in special places to burial in ancestral burial grounds. The director arranges for any repatriation necessary for this to happen including moving the remains to another country or region. They also arrange for thank you cards to be printed.

A funeral is an emotionally draining time and the grieving process needs to be uninterrupted in order for one to have closure. A funeral director takes the burden off you, allowing you time to properly say goodbye to your loved one and process your grief. For the reasons above, it's important to choose burial services that are helpful, knowledgeable, and affordable to help you and your family out. For more information, contact companies like DiPonzio Funeral Home Inc.