When a loved one passes away, you may want to send flowers to show your love and respect for the dearly departed. If you've never ordered funeral flowers before, you might be unsure about the process. Here are a few tips you can use to create a stunning tribute to your loved one.

Select A Color Scheme

Selecting a color scheme can help the florist make suggestions about the different types of flowers to choose from. If you know what your loved one's favorite colors were, you can use them as inspiration for the arrangement. Otherwise, consider going with a color scheme that matches the current season. Some examples might include red and gold for the holiday season, pastels for spring, or bright colors for summer.

Choose An Arrangement Design

The type of arrangement you choose can depend on many things. For example, immediate relatives may choose to cover the cost of the casket spray, while cousins or aunts and uncles may want to select a wreath to be displayed on an easel next to the casket. There are many options to choose from, including pillows, hearts, crosses, or simple vases filled with flowers. Talk to your florist about your relationship to the deceased to help determine the most appropriate arrangement option.

Write A Personal Message

You have the option of including a card with the floral arrangement. The card can be addressed to loved love one as a way to say your final goodbyes, or it can include a note to the immediate family members, such as spouses and children of the person who has passed away. Remember that the cards are typically left on the arrangements when the funeral home puts them on display, so any personal or private thoughts can be saved for a letter or personal note.

Confirm The Delivery Date

You'll need to know when the wake and funeral services are so you can determine when the flowers need to be delivered by. Contact the funeral home to get any additional information about where and when to have the flowers sent. Calling the funeral home beforehand also helps ensure you are sending the arrangement to the correct address. In some cases, a funeral home may have more than one location, so confirming can prevent your arrangement from going to the wrong place.

Remember that you can always contact the funeral home for further guidance. The director may be able to advise you on the different colors the family has chosen or any outstanding need for arrangements, such as help covering the cost of the casket arrangement. To learn more, contact a funeral home like Shepherd Funeral Home