One of the important tasks for you to handle when you're planning a loved one's funeral service is to think of ways that you can make the ceremony unique for those in attendance. Putting some extra thought into special details can provide a significant amount of comfort for those in grief, and going through the process of working on such creations can often be cathartic for you. One option to consider is memorial photo pins that your ushers can hand out to people as they arrive at the funeral home. Here are some factors to consider.

What They Are

Memorial photo pins are small pins that feature a photo of the deceased, typically mounted in a small plastic cover or frame with a pin on the rear. The idea is that each funeral attendee will wear his or her memorial photo pin on a suit lapel or collar of a dress, blouse, or jacket. You can buy the plastic covers in bulk, print a number of small photos, and put together the photo pins yourself, or contact a printing store to have the work done for you.

Planning The Project

In order to make your memorial photo pins have the biggest impact possible, there are a few things to consider. Perhaps most importantly, you need to select the best photo. There are two schools of thought here — one is to use a formal portrait-style photo of the person, and the other is to choose a candid photo. Neither approach is better than the other; it's simply a matter of personal preference. On the rear of the photo, you'll want the person's name, birth date, and date of death. You might also wish to include a quote that the person liked or that you otherwise find appropriate at this moment. Some people choose to affix a small ribbon to the pin. For example, if the person served in the military, a red, white, and blue ribbon can be appropriate.

Handing Them Out

There are a few ways to distribute the memorial photo pins as people arrive at the funeral home. One is to have your ushers hold boxes of the pins and hand them to people upon entering. Another is to cover a table with the pins and invite people to pick one up as they proceed toward the room in which the funeral is taking place. Alternatively, you could consider placing a pin with a funeral program on each seat.

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