One of the many ways that you can deal with a loved one's cremated remains is to contact a service that does custom glass blowing. Many such services can take some of the remains and include them in the materials used to make glass, such as silica, and then blow you a piece to meet your needs. The result will truly be a one-of-a-kind item that you can keep in a safe place in your home, or perhaps even use. Any custom glass blower can show you examples of his or her work and talk about your wishes, and then you can come up with an idea together. Here are some glass pieces that might interest you.


If you have a home office, you might favor using a paperweight on your desk as a means to stay organized. A custom glass paperweight that is partially made of the cremated remains of a loved one will surely replace whatever paperweight you're currently using. This is a piece that you'll see countless times throughout the day, and seeing it in this part of your home can make you feel as though your late loved one is never far away.

Hanging Ornament

A glass sphere or other shape in your favorite colors — and including a small portion of the cremated remains of a loved one — can add beauty to your home. There's a virtually endless list of the ways that you can use such an ornament. A large glass ball hung in front of a window that gets plenty of sunlight can add a beautiful quality to the room, as well as splashes of color on the floor and walls as the light passes through the glass. There are many other places that you can hang such an ornament, including from a ceiling fan or even a Christmas tree.


If you're a smoker, an option to consider when you're talking with the custom glass blower is to make a pipe that includes some of the cremated remains of your family member. You might find a significant degree of comfort in smoking from this pipe, especially if you often enjoyed smoking with the person who has passed away. Custom pipes are often made of glass, so you can share a design that you particularly like, and then confer with the glass blower to see if he or she can replicate it for you.

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