Dealing with the death of a loved one is an emotional experience and grief may make the funeral planning process difficult. Although it may seem overwhelming and scary, pre-planning cremation funeral services help relieve your family of both financial and emotional burdens. With that in mind, here are three things you can do ahead of time to make the funeral planning process easier for your loved ones after your passing.

Find a Funeral Director 

Contact the funeral home you prefer to work with and schedule an appointment to discuss the pre-planning process. During your appointment, be sure to discuss any questions and concerns you may have about the process of a cremation funeral. It is recommended that you bring your family with you in order for them to get a better idea about cremation funeral services as well as learning about your choices. The funeral director will provide you with a great deal of information, such as filing certificates, arranging the funeral service, and determining what your choices are for the remains.

Choose a Cremation Container

Selecting a cremation container in advance will help you stay on budget as well as reduce the risk of family members being unsure of your final wishes. Cremation containers are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and styles, so be sure to choose the one that you prefer, but that is also in your budget. Keep in mind that a funeral service can be held for a cremation. Some funeral homes offer casket rentals for those who prefer to have a traditional funeral service. Along with choosing a cremation container, you should also decide on a burial or non-burial. If a burial is desired, you will need to contact the cemetery you prefer to discuss burial options for cremations.

Music and Readings

Although you don't have to have these things, you should decide exactly what you prefer your guests to do during the event. For instance, hearing your favorite music may calm your loved ones. It is generally recommended that you pick out a few of your favorite pieces of music, poems, or other readings to be played or read during the service.

If you choose to have your remains buried in a cemetery, you should also discuss with family and the funeral director whether or not you prefer to have a graveside service. Be sure to document all of your final wishes and include this information with the packet you will receive from the funeral home and let a family member or friend know where the documents are stored. There are many options available, so the more detailed your instructions are, the easier the process will be for your loved ones.