Death is rarely an expected event. For the family members left behind, not only are they faced with an unimaginable amount of grief, but there are also important funeral arrangement details that must be made. However, when families choose cremation, there is a certain level of flexibility that they are afforded. While nothing can fill the heart after the loss of a loved one, choosing cremation services may provide advantages.

Time Flexibility

With a traditional burial, time is very important. Funeral directors have to work aggressively to maintain the body of the deceased, and unfortunately, there is only a certain window of time that they can offer for funeral services when the family wants an open-casket service. Cremation can be performed immediately or shortly thereafter, but no matter the method, families are in no rush to hold a funeral service. For families that would prefer more time to process their grief before having a service, cremation can afford this flexibility. 


The cost of a funeral can add up, and again, death is rarely expected. Unfortunately, the day-to-day living costs can make it hard for individuals to save for final arrangement expenses, and as a result, the cost of paying for a traditional burial may be a financial burden. With a traditional burial, there are plot, casket, and marker costs, among other expenses. Cremation provides a respectful and memorable way to honor the life of your loved one but in a more cost-efficient way. 

Family Involvement

Cremation also allows the entire family to be involved. Cremation urns are available in a variety of different size options. If you have a very large family and you want to ensure that each family member gets to cherish a part of the deceased's' legacy, you can choose to have your loved one spread over several urns. Unlike a traditional burial, each family member can be involved in the process.

Service Opportunities

Cremation also affords flexibility in terms of service opportunities. While traditional burials are more synonymous with funeral services, you can also have a service for a cremated loved one. However, you are not restricted to a service at a chapel or cemetery. Cremation services can be held anywhere. For example, for a deceased person who loved the ocean, the family could choose to hold a seaside service. 

If you want to learn more about the flexibility of cremation, it is best to speak with a professional.

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