Cremations have become popular sendoff options for families who've lost a loved one. If you haven't taken part in funeral proceedings for a cremation, you're likely to be curious. Cremations have their benefits since the ashes don't take space and the funeral costs are likely to be more affordable.

When you attend a funeral for someone who opted to be cremated, it's important to know what to expect, the time it takes, and the rituals that happen in crematory proceedings. Cremations often have funerals that go according to different families and their religious preferences. However, here are some things you can expect when you attend funerals for a person who chose to be cremated.

1. Mourners Assemble

At the venue, family members and mourners arrive and wait for the hearse to arrive. They can take seats inside the chapel to wait for its arrival. Under special arrangements, the hearse can be brought to the venue before family members arrive. It's placed on a decorated and raised platform where it's visible to all. They have tight schedules, and mourners should arrive in good time.

2. The Service Is Held

Most services are similar to other religious services you may have gone to. Mourners take part in singing hymns, music, poems, or eulogies. The service can be of a religious or non-religious nature, depending on the family. If the family wants to spend additional time at the chapel, they can book in advance.

3. The Committal Begins

When the service ends, the coffin is carted away, moved to a secluded area behind curtains or completely obscured from public view. This is where the committal process begins. The coffin is moved to the committal room. The crematorium official handling the cremating will verify the identity on the nameplate to avoid errors.

4. Crematorium Staff Start Cremation

The crematorium personnel will assign an identity card that will stay in place until the family comes to retrieve the cremation ashes. Cremation services take place the same day inside a cubicle that takes in one coffin at a time.

5. Mourners Leave 

After the cremation service finishes, the family is offered the privilege to leave first before the guests. They can decide to stay and leave after everyone else. They can also decide to hold a memorial service at a different location.

6. The Wake Starts

In some crematories, the family can decide to host a wake or a social gathering to celebrate the deceased's memories. They can opt for catering services where food and drinks are served. This ceremony is usually optional. 

If you'd like more information about cremation services and funeral arrangements, get in touch with a local funeral service in your area.