Cremation is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States. Cremation is becoming the leading send-off option for most people today, not only in America but also in other continents. Keep reading to learn more about cremation and how to choose the best process for you or your loved one.

Why Are So Many People Choosing Cremation?

As noted by the National Funeral Directors Association, the high cost of burial is the main driving factor towards cremation's overwhelming popularity.  In 2016, for instance, the cost of a funeral was approximately $8,000, while direct cremation cost as little as $2,400.

Besides the cost, organizing a loved one's burial is hectic and only adds to the emotional upheaval and stress that you are already experiencing. To many people, planning the traditional burial feels like a never-ending pile of obligations and to-do lists.

Other factors that make most Americans prefer cremation include:

  • It takes less space.
  • It is less complicated.
  • It is more convenient.
  • It's possible to keep a portion of the ashes for memorial purposes.
  • America has witnessed significant changes in religious attitudes.

Times have changed, and so do people's funeral preferences. Most societies are characterized by a rise in baby boomers who want to do things differently.

Studies also show that Americans are becoming increasingly less religious. A few decades ago, some religious organizations considered cremation as brutal destruction. The practice did not display any respect for the dead.

However, religious beliefs and perceptions have changed, and more Americans consider cremation for their friends and family.

Tips for Choosing a Cremation Provider

As cremation becomes more famous in the United States, the number of cremation providers has also sharply risen. Thus, finding the right one can be a challenge.

 If you don't have a provider in mind, you can ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also search existing directories for cremation providers in your area.

Before choosing one service provider over the rest, it's advisable to visit their facility and check if it's clean and organized. You can also check out their website for customer reviews. Other factors to consider when choosing a cremation service provider include the price ranges, cremation packages offered, licensing, and the amount of time taken to complete the process.


In recent years, the funeral industry has witnessed a staggering shift, with more Americans preferring cremation over traditional burial. So, if you are planning a funeral service for a loved one or friend, why not consider cremation too?